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19 October 2016
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Colon Cancer is becoming more and more common cancer that mainly affects people aged 50 years, the probability to get sick increases.

the Reasons for the occurrence in the body colon cancer is a combination of certain factors.

first, may be a genetic predisposition to this disease, because often the evaluation of patients who are diagnosed with bowel cancer, there are cases of the same disease among close relatives.

second, a major factor in the occurrence of this cancer stands one of the existing chronic diseases of the colon: polypody, chronic colitis, and more.

third, not always rational nutrition and composition of food eaten, is the favourable background, which may develop neoplastic disease. In recent years, increasing statistics of cancer of the colon, mostly at the expense of people in developed and developing countries, increasingly expressed the view that the dominant role of a poor coarse fiber supply mechanism of formation of colon cancer

Treatment of colon cancer is recommended immediately after detection of a malignant tumor and confirm the diagnosis, because the earlier it is done the better chance the patient has for full recovery.

Surgical removal of the affected tumor area of the colon is the main treatment of colon cancer. In those cases, when the tumor were found at the initial stage and has not spread beyond the mucosa of the colon, the treatment of colon cancer is carried out by endoscopy, with the help of introduced into the intestine of a medical endoscope, doctors remove only the tumor, without affecting healthy tissue.

Surgical removal of the tumor the colon is complemented by the designation of certain cytostatic drugs, and in some cases (when it is detected metastases) and the radiation procedure. Thanks to him, in the treatment of colon cancer has a very high rate of recovery.

Program diagnostics of colon cancer:

For diagnosis of this disease requires, from 4 business days.

the Patient will be required to complete:

  • Book a hotel room or in the private sector
  • plane Tickets.
  • At the airport, You are met by Russian-speaking employee of our company and arrange a transfer.

After surgery, the patient should remain under the supervision of our experts at least 10 days. Before leaving home, our doctors will give its opinion on the further treatment and inspection.

To record the survey, You can call us on the telephone or apply on the website.

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