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16 October 2016
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The primary method adopted for the treatment of patients with detected thyroid cancer is prompt surgical intervention, which depends on the size and type of the tumor.

In cases when the malignant cancer cells have already spread outside the thyroid gland, are assigned additional treatment because the surgery could help cure cancer only in the initial stages of the disease.In certain cases, can be performed partial resection of the affected lobes of the thyroid gland (called lobectomy), in other cases complete removal of the gland, called tireoidektomii.

A major advantage in the treatment of thyroid cancer is surgical removal of the tumor mini-invasive way, which involves minimal incisions and reduces the duration of hospital stay in the hospital to several days.

After the surgical removal is the treatment with radioactive iodine, which is designed to eliminate cancer cells remaining after surgery. This procedure allows a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment and is medication or by injecting drugs into the blood vessels. Radioactive iodine treatment usually is indicated for diagnosis of follicular and papillary thyroid cancer. Radioactive iodine does not have a significant negative impact on other organs, due to the fact that the rest of the body's cells cannot absorb it in the same amount as the thyroid gland. Treatment can be done in several consecutive courses, if the results of the first treatment revealed no complete destruction of malignant cells.

The procedure of irradiation in the treatment of thyroid cancer our doctors use in rare cases. Basically, this type of treatment for the identified diagnosis of modular and anaplastic cancer, as these diseases do not give a positive effect in the treatment course of radioactive iodine. Radiation therapy in the treatment of thyroid cancer is designed to destroy malignant cells and neoplasms with resulting metastases (allows you to stop the process of their reproduction and distribution) and to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Diagnostic utility of thyroid cancer

For diagnosis of this disease requires, from 3-4 days.

The patient will have to undergo:

  • A detailed clinical analysis of blood
  • A detailed biochemical analysis of blood
  • Urine test
  • to Conduct an audit of tissue samples of the patient, if necessary - to take a new biopsy
  • A positron emission (PET) a CT scan or isotope scan (in the case of a patient of the course of radio or chemotherapy at the place of residence are temporary restrictions on carrying out this procedure)

based On the results of tests to consult a medical oncologist and endocrinologist about further treatment.

In some cases it may be necessary to conduct some additional tests: CT or MRI, genetic testing.

How to do the treatment:

  • After registration to treatment on our website or call by telephone our consultant will contact You to discuss medical problems.
  • You send us all the available medical documents: discharge tests the conclusion of doctors, etc.
  • After receiving medical records and consideration of our specialists will be drawn up advance medical diagnostics and treatment assuming the highest possible level of recovery.

In case Your decision to undergo treatment in India, You choose the date of your visit, after agreeing it with us.

If necessary, our representatives will assist You in organizing your trip:

  • Book a hotel room or in the private sector
  • plane Tickets
  • At the airport, You are met by Russian-speaking employee of our company and transfers

After surgery, the patient should remain under the supervision of our experts at least 10 days. Before leaving home, our doctors will give its opinion on the further treatment and inspection.

To record the survey, You can call us on the telephone or apply on the website.

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