One of the urgent problems of mankind is the problem of infertility, that is, the inability to conceive a child naturally.

One of the urgent problems of mankind is the problem of infertility, that is, the inability to conceive a child naturally. This problem is solved by different methods of modern medicine, and one of them

IVF - in vitro, ie in vitro fertilization. Currently, with the help of IVF, the issue of infertility can be successfully treated worldwide. Our doctors - professionals of the highest class in the field of IVF.

IVF - modern and already approved methods for the treatment of female infertility, especially women over 30 years. The main advantage of IVF is considered a high probability of conception - 47%. IVF takes a leading position in the most severe cases of infertility that has been treated as a conservative and endoscopic, but have not brought results.

Today, IVF is carried out by one of two methods. The first method "in vitro" - egg fertilized in vitro sperm suspension in a nutrient medium. The second applied in practice the method of ICSI IVF (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) - is the introduction of sperm into the female egg cell with the help of special surgical instruments, this method is called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) After artificial insemination, after two weeks, carried out a pregnancy test and determine the the number of embryos that have taken root in the womb. At the request of the patient's specialists carry out reproduction - adjusted to the required number of embryos.

All the experience that has been accumulated over a long practice of using shows that the probability of having a child with developmental disabilities, artificial conception, not higher than under natural, and even less as before transplanting the embryo into the uterus, conducted genetic research on all kinds of genetic diseases.

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After registration of the application for treatment on our website or phone call our medical consultant will contact you for a detailed discussion of medical issues.
You send us all the means at your disposal medical records: discharge tests, the conclusion of doctors, etc. After receiving a medical discharge and its consideration by our specialists will be drawn up prior medical diagnosis and treatment program, which assumes the highest possible recovery rate.
If your decision about passing treatment in India, you choose the date of your visit, after agreeing it with us.
If needed, our representatives will assist you with travel arrangements:
Book a hotel room or in the private sector
Plane tickets.
At the airport, you meet a Russian employee of our company and a shuttle service.
After the surgery, the patient must remain under the care of our specialists for at least 10 days.
Before leaving home, our doctors will give its opinion on further treatment and examination.

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