Goa 24x7 Clinics offers treatment for hepatitis C

Our experts in India are able to quickly and accurately determine the type, form and stage of the disease and prescribe the most optimal form of treatment.
India is one of the leading drug manufacturers in the world, Therefore, for the treatment of hepatitis in India uses the most modern developments in the field of pharmacology.

Hepatitis C is not a sentence

Viral hepatitis is not a death sentence in the modern world. Today, open clinic where people get the best help to a new look for treatment. Advanced equipment and knowledge of specialists help to get rid of the disease. Then the man returns to his normal life, knowing that he was given a second chance, which will allow to forget about the horrible past

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A distinct advantage of the new drug is that unlike antiviral therapy with peginterferon and ribavirin is the form of administration (tablets or capsules), high efficiency and good tolerability. 96% of the 100% of patients that the twelve weeks of taking just one tablet of Harmony a day, could win the first genotype of hepatitis C. it Should be noted that before these patients did not attempt to recover from an illness.
Treatment regimens for hepatitis C that cost over $90 000 in the United States and more than 50,000 euros in the European Union is available in India at a price of about $3000 or even less due to competition between manufacturers of generics.
India is a world leader in the production of generics and also a country where hepatitis C is sick 12 million people. The government and companies in India spent a lot of effort on lobbying for low prices, so with a clear conscience, it was possible to speak of a breakthrough in the treatment of hepatitis C. And finally have achieved a significant reduction of its for India. Still, the motivation for refusal of a patent was that the drug not innovative enough. In the result, Gilead has made concessions. It entered into a license agreement with Indian pharmaceutical companies on the production and sale of drugs in India and in 90 countries with low incomes. The list of these countries, unfortunately, did not get neither Russia nor Ukraine nor Kazakhstan.
Sofosbuvir was registered in India in January 2015, daclatasvir in November 2015 and sofosbuvir + ledipasvir (harmony) in December 2015.
In recent times India is becoming more and more analogues (generics) of the original antiviral drugs that usually are not inferior in efficiency to the original, but their price is in the tens or even hundreds of times cheaper.

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How to do the treatment we have:

After registration to treatment on our website or call by telephone our consultant will contact You to discuss medical problems.
You send us all the available medical documents: statements, analyses, conclusions, doctors, etc.
After receiving a clean bill of health and consideration of our specialists will be drawn up advance medical diagnostics and treatment, involving the highest possible level of recovery.
In case Your decision to undergo treatment in India, You choose the date of your visit, after agreeing it with us.
If necessary, our representatives will assist You with travel arrangements:
Book rooms in the hotel or in the private sector
Plane tickets.
At the airport You are met by Russian-speaking employee of our company and arrange a transfer.

Your health condition will be evaluated by leading specialists of the hospital Bangalore and Goa, India

In this multidisciplinary modern hospital there is all necessary for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, experienced specialists and modern equipment.
The duration of the diagnostic phase is from 3 to 15 days, on an outpatient basis.

If it is determined that the patient is diagnosed with hepatitis in the stage of compensation.

The doctor after a detailed examination and determine the tactics of treatment, including what drugs, when, in what quantity and in what dosages to drink.
Before leaving home, our doctors will give its opinion on the further treatment and inspection.

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