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oint replacement is surgery to replace a joint affected by osteoarthritis of the prosthesis, which allows to significantly reduce or completely eliminate joint pain

  • Knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder replacement
  • The reasons for holding the endoprosthesis are

A serious limitation when there are persistent problems related to everyday life of the patient:

Permanent pain symptoms, which are impossible to get rid of, even taking large doses of medication
Congenital underdevelopment of the joint
For diagnosis and recommendations for arthroplasty is usually sufficient x-ray of the damaged joint in 2 projections. In some cases, for more precise conclusions about the need for arthroplasty requires additional examinations (MRI or CT).

Implants which are currently used for replacement joints manufactured from the most modern materials that fully restore all the functions of the joint and well survive. The lifetime of any of the joints that You will replace in our clinics, is at least 20 years, while their quality is usually much higher than that offered in Russian clinics. So today, surgery for total joint replacement is guaranteed second place in the statistics of the operations of foreign tourists from Russia.

Surgery to replace a knee or hip currently has become a standard in many clinics around the world and it You don't need "kinds", you need a podiatrist, who makes daily operation hip replacement. In the Department of orthopedics it is performed according to the developed protocols, starting with the admission of the patient to the clinic, preoperative preparation in the course of the operation and ending with the rehabilitation period and postoperational control.

How to do the treatment we have:

After registration to treatment on our website or call by telephone our consultant will contact You to discuss medical problems.

You send us all the available medical documents: statements, analyses, conclusions, doctors, etc. After obtaining medical records and consideration of our specialists will be drawn up advance medical diagnostics and treatment, involving the highest possible level of recovery.

In case Your decision to undergo treatment in India, You choose the date of your visit, after agreeing it with us.

If necessary, our representatives will assist You with travel arrangements:

  • Book rooms in the hotel or in the private sector, plane Tickets.
  • At the airport You are met by Russian-speaking employee of our company and arrange a transfer.
  • After the operation the patient must remain under the supervision of our experts at least 10 days.
  • Before leaving home, our doctors will give its opinion on the further treatment and inspection.

For recording a survey, You can call us on the telephone or apply on the website.

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  • Address 2 : 119571, Lewinsky prospect 147, Moscow, Russia
  • Email : goaclinic@mail.ru
  • Phone : +7 (495) 120-81-40
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